Foster Agreement

Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue is a group of people who care passionately about pets. We are volunteers and devote our ‘spare’ time to help whenever and wherever we can. We work with several other rescue groups in Texas and the US, and we have a large email contact group as well. Our goal is to rescue animals in need. We can’t always help, but we try.

Our primary purpose is to find the right homes (or a reputable rescue organization) for the animals so that both humans and animals are happy. We DO NOT give any animals away. We have found that if WE don’t put any value on the animal, the potential adopter may not either. We do not make a profit on the animals. This agreement spells out both common and uncommon issues that can arise with foster dogs. Fostering is a very rewarding experience and we do everything we can to support you and your foster dog.

As a potential foster home for these animals, you will need to fill out the requested information below as well as sign and date. You will be responsible for food and boarding expenses if you need to leave town and to provide warm shelter, daily exercise, proper food, adequate fence so that the dog cannot get out, and general responsibility for the animal(s). If we have an advance notice of a week, we will try to find a “back up” foster for your pet. If you ‘rent’ a home, you must provide written approval from your landlord. Most of the animals that we help come from city ‘kill’ shelters. We have no way of knowing if they are sick or generally unhealthy, sometimes until we get them home. We do everything we can to get as much behavior and health info as we can, prior to pulling the dog. Therefore, any animals that you have at your home must be currently vaccinated in order to protect them from any disease that the rescue animal may have. This is very rare, but it does happen. We need you to be aware and would suggest keeping your personal animals separated from the fosters for a week, just to be on the safe side. Also, your personal dogs must be spayed/neutered. You must have a secure fence, or be willing to leash walk them. If you have small children, you must be willing to teach them proper behavior around animals. Since we frequently do not know anything about the animals that we help, extra caution must be used around small children and other animals. 

Main Responsibilities:
  1. Provide a warm, safe and nurturing home and environment for the dog until its new forever home is found. Being in a foster home greatly Increases that dog’s chance of being adopted.
  2. Dog will be kept as an inside dog. They may be allowed outside but will NOT live outside. They will sleep INSIDE your home, in an appropriate area.
  3. Work with your foster on good home manners.
  4. If required, will take the dog to all necessary vet appointments.
  5. Bring your foster to adoption events Review adoption applications for the dog you are fostering to find a good match.
  6. Facilitate meetings with your foster and potential adopters.
  7. Since you’ll get to know the dog, you can provide invaluable insight to potential adopters, helping ensure he or she gets a home that’s a better match.

We thank you for helping these animals. You will find it to be very rewarding. One thing there is never enough of is volunteers. If you know of anyone who would be willing to be a foster home for a rescue animal, please feel free to have them fill out a foster agreement as well.
After you have completed the form, please make sure to press the Submit button at the bottom to automatically send us your information.

Basic Information

* Denotes required

If yes, what are their ages?

If yes, do you still own it?

If no, what happened to the animal?

If no, why?

If no, why?

If no, on preventative? If not, why not?

Will you allow us to contact your vet for a reference check?

Please supply the names and telephone numbers of 2 personal references.

By agreeing to foster in partnership with Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue, I agree to the following:

I understand and agree to all information provided to me in my applicaton process. If the animal I foster is on medication, I will contnue the medication as directed. I will not leave the animal unattended outside by itself. If during the time I am fostering the animal it requires medical attention, I will contact the Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue first before getting medical attention. Addicus uses specific medical providers and I understand that they are the only approved providers of care for my foster. If I choose to take the animal to another vet, I will be responsible for all fees charged. I understand the foster animal is the property of Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue and will not sell, trade or dispose of the animal. I understand the importance of my own animals being up-to-date on all standard vaccinations and have provided Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue with a current shot record for each one.

I understand that anyone interested in adopting my foster dog or puppies (including myself) must go through the standard adoption process, and approval of candidates and placement of animals is up to Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue. (Of course we welcome your referrals).

Pet's Health and Disposition Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue cannot guarantee the health or disposition of any foster animal. We do not have past records for these animals and there are some risks associated with taking in foster animals. Family pets will be current on all shots and foster pets will be kept isolated from family pets, for a minimum of 7 days for the protection of all animals. I agree to be fully responsible for the safety and well being of the foster pet. I will provide a safe, loving, humane environment with adequate food water and shelter at all times. I will not declaw, crop ears, or crop tail of fostered pet. I will adhere to all state and local animal laws and all foster animals will wear a collar with identification. I will promptly notify Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue of any signs of illness, behavioral issues or concerns, an inability to continue to foster, if the pet become lost, and/or if the pets bites someone.

Transfer of Animals Animals cannot be transferred to the custody of another person, shelter, humane society, SPCA, or other entity without prior consent and permission of Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue I agree to not place this pet in another home without the written or verbal authorization from ALDR, whether it be temporary or permanent.

Return of Animals All the pets in the Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue foster program are the property of Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue and must be returned within 24 hours of request. I agree that I am fostering this pet for Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue and that I do not have any right of ownership over my foster animal. I further agree that Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue’s rights in and to my foster pet are superior to mine. I agree to provide the Authorized Representative, or his/her designate access to my home and property to check on my foster pet, at any time while I am in possession of my foster pet.

Personal or Property Damage and/or Injury I agree that accidental animal bites or other injuries to humans and other animals do occur, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify, and protect Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue from any claim or suit filed by someone as a result of such incident. Also foster dogs must be on a leash at all times in public.

In addition, Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue will not be responsible if animal should damage or destroy property belonging to Foster Caregiver, Foster Caregiver household, or others, or if the animal shall transfer any disease, internal or external parasites to other animals and people in Foster Caregivers household. I understand that if I am approved for fostering, this declaration represents a legal contract between me as the foster home caregiver and Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue. I understand that if I am approved to foster an animal, I must abide by this agreement and that this agreement applies to any and all animals that I foster with Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue Accuracy of Information By signing below, I acknowledge that the information provided on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. If at any time the information I have provided changes, I will provide the updated information to the Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue Foster Care Program. Type your first and last name in the box below to indicate your acceptance of these terms. This will act as your signature and indicates your agreement to be bound by these terms.

I certify that the information I have provided is accurate and honest.

I have read and understand the above statement*

After you have completed the form, please make sure to press the Submit button at the bottom to automatically send us your information.

*denotes required