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5.5 month old - Female - American Bulldog mix

Roses are red, my eyes are blue, my name is Loni and I already Love you! I am here for the full time cuddles and kisses position , so here is my formal resume for the position: • President of Couch Hogs Unlimited, Neighborhood Play time Coordinator, Welcoming committee • Likes long walks around the block • A real “Stop to smell the Roses” kind of gal. • Safety Inspector in Training: I can test your food to ensure it is safe, I can test any toy to ensure it works • Human walker in Training: Getting humans to walk behind a leash is hard work but I am making progress with them! • 5 months young weighing in at a whopping 25 lbs, not planning to exceed 50 lbs since I’m watching my girlish figure! • Greatest playmate of cats and dogs, I use the element of surprise by being cautious of dogs for our first date, then I come out of my shell at full force full of love and energy! I look forward to your acceptance letter for the position! If you could just forward it Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue under the “Adoption” category, and leave a detailed message of your name, number, and email and things I will contact you immediately for the position! You won’t regret it !




Please fill out an adoption application if interested.








This dog is in TX.